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Europeans love their vacations and they love to camp.  They enjoy getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday day living and pack up for for extended vacations.  For many of them, they load up their campers and tents and head for Spain.  There are over 1000 campgrounds in Spain.

Here’s the best place to camp in the Catalunya region, located in the north eastern part of Spain.  It’s Camping Rodas  The campground is located in the town of Roses.  It is located on the Mediterranean coast, 2 hours north of Barcelona, and about 20 miles south of France.  The campground was the dream of one of my uncles over 30 years ago.  The land was found and the dream was started.  After spending much time researching trees and shrubbery, planting began, and now it’s a tropical paradise.

This is one of the original post cards.

It’s camping spots are huge, 21 feet wide by 36 feet deep and isolated from your camping neighbors with lush trees and shrubbery.  The bath houses are the cleanest I’ve ever seen.  It has a full time staff, a bar, internet access, restaurant and 2 pools.  Latitude 42°16’7.68″N, Longitude 3° 9’8.99″.

Camping Rodas from Google Earth

The campground is located within walking distance, less that 1/2 of a mile, of the beach and even closure to local shopping.   The Capraba is located right across the street. They have everything you want!



Another great store is the LiDl… It’s my mom’s favorite.  The have many locations nearby.  It is a smallist “Walmart” with everything you need…fresh produce, meat, snacks, beach toys….lots Sangria …. and best of all….super cheap Heineken.  The Heineken was cheaper than Coke!


Here are my family and friends enjoying beverages poolside.  They have a full service bar with great food, drinks beer, and even coffee, barrista style….you don’t need Starbucks here.

Enjoying the pool!  They have one giant pool and a smaller shallower one for the kiddos.  Please be sure your babies wear the swim liners.  Here’s Reilly modeling the appropriate gear.

There’s lots to do within walking distance.  The Citadel Museum , el Museu de la Ciutadella de Roses , opened May 2004 showing off its treasures. The Museum is divided into four areas: site, museum hall, exhibition hall and central atrium, which includes a cafeteria, shop, reception and visitors information center.  The citadel dates  back to the 15th century, and was over grown for hundreds of years.  I remember, as a young boy, walking by the scary remains of the over grown fort.  My mother own a duplex, Las Casitas, right across the street.  It wasn’t until the 80’s that the government approved and massive restoration project for the archaeological find.



The view from the wall around the fort.  These are a bunch of cannonballs that they dug up during excavation.

Here we are with the campground staff.  They were so friendly, we felt like family 🙂

Actually, they are family…that’s my Tio Daniel, cousin Daniel, and my Tia Antonia.

For more information on Roses visit

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